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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 1)

The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 1)They deprive you of freedom. They will drive you over the rail fence. And if you dare to resist, they’ll take your children. And force them to kill each other. Here is a promising start. To tell you the truth, children’s dystopia I have not yet met.

So, we see a kind of dark picture of the world, somehow recovered after the next end of the world. More precisely, appears before us only a former North America, and what happened to the rest of the planet, our protagonist is unknown. Yes, the story is on behalf of girls around 14 years old, and if the author asked me whether it is necessary to change something in the book, I would advise her to write in the third person. But more on that later.

Age the girl with of conscription, at any time she can get a lot of the hunger games. In General, the idea of children’s Gladiator fighting for the amusement of those in power – that the ancient Romans even in the most drunken dreams never dreamed of. And that sight is not lost how much in vain, it turned into a show, the good technical level of the distant future allowed. In my opinion, the idea of the bloody reality show, albeit slightly overused, but win-win is to manipulate the emotions of the reader there is not difficult and quite interesting. In fact, who among us has not tried to write something like that and even to unexpected background? In this case, the background is very good – the fight against the Tirana regime. Look what the author failed what a cycle is so fond of and, accordingly, that as loudly find fault.

Immediately revealing all the cards, I recognize the victory of marketing action and vivemos, but at the same time Collins as the writer failed miserably in my eyes. Her style, coupled with our translation is just something beyond good and evil. I have said many times and probably will not cease to say, the game of reality with the possibility to tie the new storyline is a pledge of love, readership / audience / the audience, the simplest and most complex at the same time. Simple – because fast and efficient, is the most difficult because not everyone can do it. Here the author was able to completely captivate the reader in their reality, and, from the very beginning – paintings of the severe survival of the poor and simple scenes of hunting. A pair of abandoned phrases that hunting is not for everyone and only those who have the power to kill can feed a family…

All the reader on the hook, it together with the main character Katniss becomes a wild girl, pull a family, archery, sets the traps and digs the tubers. But long it can not last – most readers have enjoyed the wild life even in childhood, in the company of Rani. What scenarios can we still be provided? But something somehow more than anything… Except the place where Katniss lives and where coal is mined, we almost did not show anything. Well, somewhere in agriculture, somewhere else, something cooler, but for fantasy this is not enough.

With regard to capital, the Capitol, this is one huge parody of Shibuya, where people go crazy from idleness, dressed in the most improbable stuff. The scene when the heroine before the games handles a team of stylists, to create a purely comical effect – the crowd is colorful parrots, jumping in front of a simple village girl and forcing her to walk in heels. Positive contrast produces an image of chief designer (well, show, what to take with him) – a normal dude, not painted, balanced, always at hand sensible idea and good advice. But I was haunted by this kind of incompleteness of the character. Want more. So, it turns out that the second moment when the reader the opportunity to get used to the reality of the game itself. Half the book – prepare for the test, half – self-test. I’d done wrong, but who cares about my opinion…

Survival in the wild, finding water, hunting for birds and rabbits, in order to defeat opponents – this is all very interesting reading, though in some toy play. Do not be surprised, incidentally, if the toy still do. Since the book is never a complete work, but there is still two volumes – a happy ending here does not smell at all like any other end. Read on. Now for the minuses. First of our translation. Okay, not going to touch all the typos, including the names of the main characters and generally a very strange translated name of the main character-the boy.

Imagine abandoned on the horns of a coal village, where only one secondary school. And a girl who all day running around the woods for hares and deer. Despite the fact that the government of the Capitol is committed by all fair means or foul to crush the will of the common people, turning them into slaves. Well, I also imagined. And all loosely fit in my mind with the fact that in the book – the girl is strong, brave, cunning, smart, politically savvy and versed in the psychology on the graduate level of the appropriate specialty. This time. And two girls as such, no. Well, that is plain text we can say that the character has some trait, but personally I saw nothing. She’s just no-ka-ka-I.

Although the first person narrative is such a great opportunity to reveal to us the inner world of the character that there’s nowhere. But sometimes you come to the conclusion that sometimes writers write in the first person because “I” through the word looks not so terribly, as would be repeated in every sentence “Katniss went… Katniss killed the rabbit… Katniss looked at the tin can…” She is in one scene, gave a very precise definition of their behavior as a boned fish. Only she was referring to the behavior at that particular moment. But no – it is boiled fish throughout the book. Whatever occurred around, whatever worlds no collapsing – finally absolute zero emotions.

Fortunately, at the end of the pen signed, began to hatch personality traits. Though weakly. I do not know anyone, and for me, that’s the characters and especially the relationship between them is very important. Sometimes even more important than the plot. Unfortunately, there anything to please me I couldn’t. Faint hints of some obscure procurement for the future and a couple of sentimental scenes. Yes, I already said that I can not put negative ratings to books that forced me to weep over several pages. And I earlier said that in stories of this type is quite simple to make the reader feel some strong emotion. Relief, glee, annoyance, impatience, joy and anxiety. It’s all there and fulfills its role quite well.