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The Host

The HostFor a long time I was hesitant to tackle this book. She must have been in my bookcase for about four years, her, along with the entire “Twilight Saga” my dad gave me, when the story was at its peak. The first reason why I was hesitant to read this novel is my fear that “Guest” will be a copy of “Twilight.”

Although I belong to the group of people who liked the story of Bella and Edward, I have no desire to read something similar. Another “Oh my God he’s so beautiful, I shook hands” or “Who are you, Edward?” I would not survive. The second reason was the volume of the book. I was afraid that suddenly the book will be terrible, and these seven hundred pages will be no pleasure, and sheer torment, but have no matter what to force myself to read this crap, because they used to read through to the end.

But in the end I was lucky and my fears were in vain – the story I didn’t just like it, I love her irrevocably. And little did I think then that will read this book twice. The aliens are taking over the planet and inhabit those beings who live there. And when these aliens got to the planet Earth and began to possess people, thus subordinating them to itself, from the old media, nothing remains. Now, instead of the human mind and Soul there. But there are cases when a person does not want to give up and fights for his place and just like that your body will not give up. And so it was with a soul named Wanderer, she was put into the body by the name of Melanie.

The first time the Wanderer tried to fight, but still, she was stronger and their memories of a past life, forced the Wanderer to love the people close to her: her younger brother Jamie and boyfriend Jared. And so the Wanderer-Melanie goes in search of his family. Now the Soul realizes that her place is not among his own kind, and among their enemies – humans. When I began reading this novel the plot reminded me of a story. Maybe some of you watched channel “2×2” transfer “of the Show Ricky Gervais”, so there’s this one character named Karl Pilkington, and once he came up with the idea of the film “Brain love”, where his idea was to play Clive Warren and Rebecca de Mornay. The story was that after her husband’s death, had an operation in which half his brain transplanted into the head of his wife, and thus his memories with her, and they could be together.

Jokes aside, now let’s talk about the book seriously. At first, to be honest, it is very difficult to understand what is happening, and so all the events described in the book seem to be nonsense: some Souls, Healers, Seekers of the weird names of planets and creatures, etc. But then, reading further, you are so drawn into the story, get used to the characters and empathize with them that can’t put the book until you know it will all end. For the book do not notice how time flies, and don’t realize how quickly you managed to read so much. Reading it, you realize how Stephenie Meyer has grown as an author. If “Twilight” you can’t shake the feeling that you read a fanfic where constantly repeated the same words, in this novel, this feeling is completely absent. Language has become better, richer, there are no monosyllabic sentences. The plot is interesting, dynamic and do not give bored for a minute.

Although there were a couple of moments when reading, roll their eyes and think that somehow all sickly and snotty, but these moments were not long lasting, which is very pleasing. And even when you’re not used to the dialogue between Wanderer and Melanie, they seem hilarious and silly, but then you get used to it and begin to believe this situation. Because for some reason I didn’t seem stupid when, for example, in the novel “the Mysterious story of Billy Milligan” Billy was inside the 24 personality, so why not to imagine that this situation that happened to Melanie, could happen in the distant future. But the biggest plus of the book is that the main character the complete opposite of Belle.

Wanderer Melanie is not so thick as the girlfriend of vampires, although the same stiff and ready for his new family to sacrifice themselves. The two main characters Jared and Ian were not mumble like Edward. The characters in “the Guest” was vivid and real. Especially liked the jab, a very colorful character. Well, of course, Stephenie Meyer couldn’t do without a love triangle. Or rather there is not a triangle, and a square of some kind. The whole book can be described by the expression “among strangers, a stranger among us”. And so the Wanderer, even though he was a Soul, but among their own kind could not exist. But here among the people she found her home and her family. Can we call her a traitor because she decided to go to the enemy side? The wanderer, having lived together with people for a long time, I realized that the souls of wrong doing against the people, depriving them of life, though, according to them, they do good and make the world a better place: now in their world there is lies, betrayals, wars, murders, thefts, etc.

Very emotional and powerful book has turned out. A lot of reflection in the novel on the theme of humanity, their feelings. The eyes of the Soul shows that she understood our world. In my opinion, this is a very interesting idea. I liked also how the author described the planet, where Souls had to be. And it is a shame for the book, because it has not received as much attention as his time in Twilight. Because “Guest” is much better, stronger and more interesting. The book reads in one breath. The atmosphere of the book quite different, so if you antipanic “Twilight” suggest to read this book. Can you change the owl against Meyer. Then successfully twisted fantasy, love and psychology.

On account of the final: it seems to be clear and seems complete, although still after reading one question remains a mystery: what happened to planet Earth? Who won – Souls or people? But I like this finale seemed a plus, because the author did not disclose all the cards and leaves us with the opportunity to determine your perfect ending. I think it’s much better than reading a few books of this series, where in the future the story will appear a lot of water, and the author begins to suck the thumb of a sequel. And then in the end you will be disappointed in this story and realize that the author has outlived its usefulness. But if suddenly the author decides to continue, I will read it, it will be interesting to know her point of view. Still able to Stephenie Meyer to come up with such interesting stories that will long be remembered. Of course, they’re not masterpieces, but I don’t treat them with sarcastic and angry, maybe the fact that I do not wait from them for something supernatural, and therefore receive from them a great pleasure. Now I’m waiting for new creations of Stephenie Meyer. Nevertheless we hope soon she’ll figure something out.