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The Hobbit or There and Back Again

The Hobbit or There and Back AgainWe all love stories. Adventure, exciting and dangerous, the bright and darkened by grief. All this in order to reach the happy ending where the heroes get the treasure and the villains punished. These are the stories which we have not given parents to go to bed early, with burning eyes asked him to continue reading.

And Tolkien created this story. Easy, somewhere banal, a little sad and at the same time such that millions of people, sending a tear from the onslaught of sensations of childhood, reveal yellowed cover to go on a journey through middle-earth. And even banal, it would seem that the more techniques – like Deus ex machina, does not cause rejection. Someone doesn’t like the language in which the book is written. Someone deems it too silly after reading the book “the Lord of the Rings”. But the indifferent will be difficult. They say the movies Peter Jackson made the book good publicity. I believe that the work of Professor doesn’t need to be.

In the book there is no great morality, which You will carry through the year. No incredible truths or lessons for life. Perhaps the main point of the book is that it is not necessary to be afraid to go to distant lands with a dozen bearded men in the looming shadow of the evil dragon. After all, interesting stories begin with a journey. “The hobbit” – is the quintessence of fairy tales, the concentration of children’s dreams, flight of fancy.

Speaking about this book, do not want to use other words, except as the tale. Whatever you say, but “the Hobbit” – first of all it is a fairy tale. Good, bright, exciting, magical, funny, fascinating your spirit of courage and devotion, sometimes – sad and gloomy, but in any case you know that the grief and bad weather will come with joy and smile. Everything will be fine, anyway. Good always triumphs over evil. Good always wins.

And in our troubled days we need that truism. We need to believe that to be strong does not mean to be rude, be clever does not mean to be clever, to be loyal doesn’t mean being a suck-up. We can love just like that, without calculation, and to be friends no superiority. We need to re-learn how to keep the word. Learn to believe the best even when at every step the shouting about the end of the world and global warming, third world, and bird flu. We need to teach our children.

And the best teacher in the history of middle-earth and its brave inhabitants. And let the great minds and ardent fans of the writer foaming at the mouth to prove us that the work has a deep mythological and philosophical roots, what. When you pick up a book and plunge into the world of wizards and dwarves, dragons and strange rings, does it matter what the author meant by this or that episode. When captures the spirit of the brave adventures of a little hobbit, what’s the difference, what’s the point the author was invested in the names.

When really worried, crying and laughing, what kind of philosophy! To create a story, a work surpassing that of the most intelligent philosophical doctrine. Don’t believe? Ask the most honest critics – your kids. To create something that would have agitated the minds of adults and forced them to arguing and yelling is easier. And to create something that could genuinely and without regard to love children is difficult and sometimes simple impossible. Adults love to be deceived and to seek out the hidden meaning, children also will not deceive, they do not need motivation, they need truth and openness.