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The Help

The HelpThis is a book about how white women trust black maids of their children, but fear for their silver.

This is a story told by three very different women. Of different age, position, education, character. Two black maids – bold Minnie, kind-hearted Aibileen, and Skeeter, the white girl from high society who share one thing – they are at risk for the dream of justice. Maids willing to tell the truth about black humiliation and cruelty that they suffer from the white “miss”.

Skeeter decided to write a book that will help you understand white as they are unjust to his servants. Only she still didn’t understand the risk exposed women, because white lady can be very vindictive. Before blacks were granted freedom, there will be rivers of blood and tears. And it will be the blood and tears of blacks.

Only a retarded person could believe that skin color can affect ability, intelligence and character traits. But it brought up these southerners! Racism was a tradition. With family portraits looked the faces of the ancestors – these dear people could not be wrong. It has always been, is life lived wrong? Blacks believed by some “nedolyudmi”, was worth the once-common Rule of one drop of blood, expressed in strict compliance with the theory of “racial purity”, according to which the man with the smallest proportion of Negro blood shall be deemed to be black in all respects. Blacks could not learn in schools and universities, along with white, they had special places in public transportation, blacks were not buried in the same ground, and white, some toilets “For white, others to black”.

Vile and deceitful hilly – that’s who embarrassed to eat lunch at one table, and one toilet with her to use, it would be really nasty. It is sad to read how other white women just assent hilly all its hideous judgment, although in the shower and do not agree with them. Although hilly and paid for his behavior, it hardly ever will teach her. This type of people does not change.

A few words I would like to pay a very episodic character johnny Foote. Since the days of Rhett Butler I rarely had to read about men who love woman, despite the opinions of others who may find it stupid, vulgar, Yes, whatever you can consider! But for him the main thing that she was there. It is what it is. And personally, I really like Celia, which dines along with his black maid and fearlessly protects her from the attacker crazy. It is better to be kind silly in a pink sweatsuit than the evil stuff in an elegant dress.

Skeeter wrote a book to help change the lives of women, and I feel like she changed my life. I believed every story it tells, it hurt me to read about the death of his son Aibileen and about blinded the boy who messed up the toilets for whites and blacks. Although all the nasty laws that are mentioned in this book have been cancelled, I know that many prejudices still exist – and not just in America. This remarkable book should help to understand and erase the ignorance in the hearts and minds of people. We read this book, understand something, and now, hopefully, we will try to live so that no one person in the world, no matter what race he belonged to, did not feel injustice.