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The Hand of Oberon: Fourth Novel in the Amber Series

The Hand of Oberon Fourth Novel in the Amber SeriesThe fourth book of the Chronicles of amber much turned on its head. This applies to both the story and my perception of the cycle. It turned out, a flurry of activity Corvina to seize the throne more harm amber than help. Corwin did not know much, largely mistaken, and, therefore, misunderstood the motives of their relatives. The former enemies not so much fought against it, as against the forces that threaten the foundations of the existing universe, the unwitting aide of which was the heir.

Previous books of the series, I only read in order to know what all will end. Somehow, it was impossible without looking into the world of amber, it was impossible to fall in love with its characters, not the perceived style of Zelazny. But things have changed here. I loved the world amber, the characters become very close and dear to me. For some experienced, others hated former apathy was gone, like snow in the spring. Before, I perceived all the many pretenders to the throne just as blinded by the lust for power of the proud. But it was much more difficult.

The Hand of Oberon” is very interesting in terms of plot the novel. Passions — maximum, answer this a lot, but it will all end — not the faintest idea. It only remains to take up Jogging last novel of the Pentateuch.

In this book we, along with Corwin will find a lot of new discoveries. Pleasant or not – everyone decides for himself. But among other things we finally take a look at the Courtyard of the Chaos, even from a distance and one eye, but in the world of this cycle, this point is very important. Some hints, why it is so important, we even hear, but until this moment leaves a large field for thought and little clarity.