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The Halloween Tree

The Halloween TreeRay Bradberry expertly picked up the pace and style of storytelling, considering what this book is about. Halloween, the Eve of all saints Day is a magical and mysterious holiday, the day when a mad dance running through the streets of the pagan spirits of the past, and people pay tribute to millennia of history and traditions of mankind. Pretty hard to tell what this book is. About children, about friendship, about how one of my friends got lost in the folds of time, and it will certainly need to find out about Mr. Tornado, leading our heroes through thousands of years, showing them the ancient history of all Hallows Eve, along the way meeting one of the lost boys Pipkin and again missing him about druids, witches, mummies, spirits…

It’s a little bit scary and full of sparkling energy tale, in which events follow each other at a furious pace, turning into a mess of magical realism, and the ringleader in this the world’s weirdest historical tours is the mysterious Mr. Twister (and maybe Death?), which taught the boys the most interesting and scary in their lives a lesson. For the festive atmosphere of Halloween, perhaps closest to the Catholic Christmas – all those candles, garlands, lights, magic night!

But the roots of these holidays is the opposite. What we will tell this fabulous story, incredibly atmospheric and fast-flying on his broom. Try to join the company of the mysterious Mr., Lord of glowing pumpkins, it will show you many interesting things, but beware when he asks you to cut him a deal!

Boys who are only 12 years old went to celebrate the Eve of all saints as usual, trick-or-treating at houses and to have some fun in this scary, but funny holiday! Each dressed in his best suit, all dressed up and beautiful, but they did not even know that during the upcoming adventure they learn all about the significance of their costumes and the important role they play. All of their scary and spooky adventure experience for boys and especially for our important other books Pipkin who got the most… Here you find out everything about the holiday Halloween, here is a fascinating and very dangerous time travel, very juicy, bright and wise story of the boys in this spooky festive day…