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The Guns of Avalon Book Two (The Chronicles of Amber 2)

The Guns of Avalon Book Two (The Chronicles of Amber 2)The Guns of Avalon is a typical second season, which is itself brought to mind the pilot, where the audience represented the characters through a formulaic scene in which you need to say or show the main characteristics and the relationships between the characters. But in the case of Zelazny and his Chronicles of the first season may not be: in “The Guns of Avalon” retells the events of the first book, but this retelling sounds much more convincing than that stretched for two hundred pages are boring, involving action and magnitude of fantastic spaces.

The level of entertainment in this novel much higher, and this fact has had the biggest influence on the height estimates. After all, fantasy should act on the imagination of the reader, and while reading I really was very beautiful locations and characters. It is better spelled out what you need to see the battle was more detailed and the dialogues written scenes and reactions are not involved directly in the conversation of the characters. Therefore, the images of this book are much better and look more “alive”.

In General, the book is very much like a screenplay to RPG: the title refers to the main mission, during which alter-ego you have to engage in side quests. Hence, limiting the linearity of the events. Well, it became a little clearer why the main character is a demiurge empty in their actions and reasoning and is very easily distracted by feminine charms. The problem is that the narrator, no matter how active hero or not, remains a spectator of your own imagination.

In the book “The Guns of Avalon” has all the advantages that you expect from fantasy: the exciting concept of the universe, dynamic and colorful scenes, the original being, the accumulation of intrigue and even communicate with other worlds, including not a magical Land.