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The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyOn the one hand, a novel in the spirit of Jane Austen and on the other the dramatic story of the occupation of the channel Islands. All of this combines sense of humor and irony authors of this book. Nice work, no wonder I waited so long for the appearance of this novel in electronic format, it is a miracle how good, now I want to buy it in print.

It’s hard to describe the plot, and whether it is necessary? From letter to letter, from one character to another, from day to day is this complicated history. Here was a place of laughter and tears, and love, and of strong will and steadfastness of the inhabitants of a small island, Guernsey. The spontaneously formed during the Nazi occupation, the book club and pies of potato peels was for its members the real rescue from a dashing time, the outlet they needed. No matter what, these people never ceased to believe in the good joke, because humor is the best way to bear unbearable. Many difficulties had to endure and Juliet, a London writer, which brought the case with Gernian Dose.

This person is extremely adorable, a little eccentric, witty, relaxed and courageous. Someone she can be annoying, but I’m liking it, her letters I read with great pleasure. Still liked Elizabeth – organizer of the book club, she is very brave and resourceful girl, sorry, not had a chance to meet her in person. In fact, all hernici amazing and interesting personalities, their characters are written so clearly that it seems real people, with whom I was fortunate to meet one day. With them you do not want to leave, but at the end of the book, alas, it will have to do.

If I had to describe this book in one word, I would say – elegant. And really. The book is about war, but not terrible; about love, but not sad; in the epistolary genre, but the confusion does not want to shoot myself. The last paragraph, by the way, seems to me especially valuable is, probably, was the first novel in letters, which I managed to at least keep track of the plot. Besides, typical of this genre of dryness here – the book is very vivid and bright, which was always for me one of the main advantages. But I took a reading with rabid skepticism.

Oh, this particular type of books where every plot twist ends the maximum tragic drowning kittens in a bucket, Santa Claus with gifts is coming, and in General, all die, all bad, let’s hug and cry together. And the main thing – then it’s all there. And war, and death, and even a concentration camp. But somehow it is not perceived as an attempt to hide poor style with the flow of tears, for which the Duo Schaeffer and burrows.