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The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry

The Gift of the MagiIt is surprisingly good, not fabulous story about true love and its values. It was written over a century ago, but the reality shown in it, little different from today’s. O. Henry in his own plays with the biblical story of the wise men-the Magi who brought precious gifts to the Savior born. According to legend, hence the custom at Christmas to give gifts.

O. Henry concludes: the wise men brought gifts, but among them was not the most important. The writer does not name him, but we understand that this gift of love and loyalty. You can’t buy them, even if in your pocket you have a million dollars and eighty-seven thousand. It is about this story. It wins not the one who is rich and successful, and whoever loves and knows how to sacrifice themselves. Happiness can be attained only through sacrifice.

Readers like the author, who on the page to present the reader with such a number of emotions and feelings that other writers would be stretched into a novel. Not a single superfluous word. Each line is necessary, every image in its place like a puzzle piece. Most like the fact that the twist at the end. So much love, so much warmth, so much sacrifice! But no sentiment, no hypocrisy and pathos and perfect harmony and a small miracle, and the effect of surprise.

As for the creativity, all the charms of person – charismatic characters, a whirlwind of events, an unexpected outcome. Attach to this beautiful language full of metaphors and similes. A little story, combining the great history of love and its value. Easy style, pleasant tale.

O. Henry puts the sacrifice in the head of happiness. The writer shows that any relationships and joint happiness – it’s a compromise with yourself. I wish life was exactly what it showed her of O. Henry: complete the simple wonders of true friendship, sincere love. But the characters struck me as slightly silly, after all this “nonsense” can come not only with Christmas gifts, but with more serious things, and all because they don’t speak to each other, and thinking for a loved one.

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