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The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough

The First Man in Rome by Colleen McCulloughA series of «Masters of Rome» refers to the book «The First Man in Rome», will interest the most exacting reader. Volumes of books allow the author to simultaneously deploy several life lines, which sometimes intersect and sometimes overlap, but together form a comprehensive canvas of the narrative. Here you will find flat one-sided characters, the life of each of them develops in several directions: career, personal life, family, military service. Although it should be noted that the personal life takes a minimum of story time and much more attention the author pays to the political and social life.

Endlessly intriguing meetings of the Senate and the National Assembly, political intrigues, and alliances, the great destruction and even greater victory, a true patrician snobbery against sanity “new people”, the role of women in family and society – and all this against the backdrop of a huge ancient anthill – Rome, which rejects the power of the kings and exists on its own unique laws.

Rome. The Grand Empire. State, where officials out of pocket lay out the money for the construction and repair (roads, temples, buildings). The city where the word of many outweighs the power of few. Formidable military machine, bound by iron discipline and love of the talented generals. To sing the praises of Rome in the image of his endlessly.

The author offers us a story of a great man, which was preceded by a widely known Gaius Julius Caesar. Gaius Marius, a new man from Arpin. Origin and his radical ideas – make Maria move up the career ladder in a conservative patrician city. But his military genius to the Roman sky shines brighter than a thousand suns. Just one smile of Fortune enough to be raised to an unattainable height. And the name the smile of Fortune – Julia of the family of the Caesars.