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The Fifth Sally

The Fifth SallyThe story of Sally is completely fictitious character invented, and the book became more artistic or something. With all my love to, “Billy Milligan”, this book is like a whirlwind seized me and took in the emerald city. The image of Sally’s very feminine, very strange how men can give women, when you completely forget that the book is written by a man.

The phenomenon is described surprisingly interesting and scary at the same time. It’s just a black magic of some kind, when a person is gradually broken down in response to some stresses, often from childhood, and then the process of its Assembly have to look like white magic. We need to get people to believe, to accept as fact what is happening, and then negotiate with each person individually, because they will in some degree be sacrificed to be reunited with Sally, they are afraid, they don’t want to disappear, and they don’t really understand what fully they disappear.

Even Anger has a place in the man, just that he will be bridled and controlled. For me, this novel is not just about a psychological phenomenon, disease, for me this is a story all about man, about his versatility. Personality can’t be multifaceted if it is just an intellectual, or sensitive subject, or just Kindness, or just Anger. Personality is all together, only in this case, the world is in colors.

Sally was raised as five pieces of a broken mirror. Of course, it is very fragile, and all it could again fall apart and shatter into even more pieces. But that’s another story. Sally gathered enough of her new multi-faceted personality forces, will have mercy on her world and destiny and stop sending cruel test, can be Sally and cope. Actually, as I understand it, no one is immune, just someone this Cup is a deranged grandfather, stepfather, husband… Sally had something to disintegrate to pieces.

Thus the instinct of self-preservation, man defends himself, shielded forgets because he doesn’t want to remember, because she can’t stand coming to light replace and make it all for the person that can’t. But all the time so can not continue. You Wake up in an unknown place and not remember where you doing in that dress and why do you shy people. What have you done? You don’t remember anything. Day, two, month, you live with it, and then either kill themselves or go to a psychiatrist, no way, you’re not right, you’re with them do not agree, do not pull out from the subconscious, I do not remember every reason for the birth of the new person in yourself, because it is the blockade, which is designed to protect you, but also to break down. You simply don’t even believe it.

The human brain is amazing, it protects itself, so does then have to do mental surgery on the brain, without touching nothing, only thought. Tell me not magic? The genuine magic! The novel is very lively, there will be love, there will be tears, there will be dancing, horse races, work in the restaurant, broken mirrors and hope… a desperate hope for a full life. God help such people!