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The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the RingAmazing, stunning, incredible, unbelievable. What a huge work was done by Tolkien, creating this vast, precise, magical and dark world! And wonder while reading, how deep each geographic detail, features and disadvantages of races and peoples, kinship. And after reading, if I can comprehend what they read, wonder even more. How many links with ancient literary works, how many allusions, hints and riddles. And the language of the author is generally a separate conversation: English Tolkien’s woven into the lyrics, sings, plays with dialects, enchanting to the last.

The world created by Tolkien, amazing, colorful, exciting, and most of all I like it, perhaps heroes. The heroes of this trilogy is absolutely amazing, both in their own and in interaction with each other. Each of them is so unique a character that while reading I noticed time and again how mentally shout, “Yes, this is definitely it, nothing else from him, I did not expect!”
The second thing that I liked in the novel, the thoughts and ideas, and most importantly – reflections which they suggest. Could I do that? Would dare to do so? What would do in this situation? Honest answers to these questions in the most part I didn’t like, and that means I’m not even close to close to your ideals, and I have to work on myself and work.

I never cease to marvel at the imagination of Tolkien. For me personally, “the Lord of the rings” is a masterpiece, and middle earth is a world widely well thought out and magical. As far as I know, Tolkien worked on this trilogy, exploring the myths and legends of different peoples, hence quite different from each other characters, since some of the Scandinavian traditions, the other from Celtic. But to put it all together, making up interesting story – very complex and time-consuming work.

While reading I felt like I was with the narrator of history sit near the fireplace, covered with a warm soft blanket, the fireplace is burning and the fire crackling. Cozy, cute and an incredibly good story, despite all the adventures and imminent danger. I sincerely cared for every character: for all of the 4 hobbits, a mage, an elf, a gnome, for the people.