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The End of Eternity A Novel

The End of Eternity A NovelDetailed and clearly explained all the technology of time travel, all of these wells, the theory of influencing reality, wave fluctuations, substitution possibilities and variations. Realizing this kitchen, I raged even harder and didn’t know what I want more – to keep the system running, preventing the collapse of civilization, or that there already started the world revolution to hell.

The handicap system is visible to the naked eye, but the main character tries to resist her, not out of some ideological reasons, and the most that neither is a stupid reason – because of a woman. This is incredibly irritating: for a beautiful face and an empty head man was going to reject the organization, which was devoted with all my heart. And if she was kind, helpful and humane? So half of the book I was desperately freaking out and rage, and then…

And then it turned out all wrong – more surprising, more bigger, the time has overrun and flooded all around. New brought the idea immediately ceased to enrage, taking the only possible form of obligation, suddenly untwist intrigues disrupted the thread. Mosaic has developed in such a picture, what story with an interesting plot, but a psychologically unpleasant concept all in one moment turned into sheer delight and a quintessential beautiful fantastic dreams come true at the time.