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The Dream Master

The Dream MasterInteresting novel within the series was the result of a nuclear war. Is not bad describes the path through the Valley of curses (which, as I understand it, is very big, do not spontaneously stable zone between the States of California and Massachusetts stuffed with radiation, mutants and motorcycle gangs), was a very exciting journey.

All the attention take care of two things – a boy and his dog. First – Damn Tanner is a pretty vivid character, with its history and with a clearly traceable development dynamics, I love these things – in the beginning, the villain then anti-hero and at the end of the Savior. And the second is something big and kill eight-wheeled armored vehicle with 10 machine guns, 4 rocket launchers 3 flamethrowers, 30 anti-tank missiles and retractable blades on the sides, and terribly hard to book and if you think this car will be a giant meat grinder for the dozen people and even more mutants, then you’re absolutely right!

In the story, Hell Tanner is a very cool driver to get Amnesty for his crimes, which he committed is not enough, he had orders to cross the Valley of Curses and delivered from Los Angeles serum for patients in Boston. Not an intricate plot, but a lot of action – chases, shootings, fights, and well transferred atmospheres of post-Apocalypse world where nature has completely lost his mind and is going around is hell!

The main characters works for the most part, Egyptian gods, though not quite in the form we are used to seeing. That is, some surroundings they have saved, such as dog head of Anubis and destructive violent nature of the Set, but in General, their main attribute is it is precisely the divinity as such.