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The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three)

The Death Cure (Maze Runner, Book Three)Thomas. The past should stay in the past, I agree with his decision, he does not need to go back now he is a different person, so why dig that will only bring pain and suffering. With every book Thomas to become stronger and in this part he reached the peak, he refused from the past, started a new life, after that experience, he is not broke, but rather has risen. He is ready to fight for his life.

Teresa. I, like Thomas, was also unable to forgive Teresa, even though she knew she loved him and did everything to save a friend, but that she caused him pain and suffering. She betrayed him, in one phrase wicked is good, it is already possible to hate. Her death was inevitable and necessary, she released Thomas from the choice between her and Brenda. Maybe Thomas still forgive her.

Newt. To witness the death of newt was very hard, he never caused me negative feelings that it starts to destroy the Flash, as he was losing his mind, begging for death, seemed to me intolerable and wrong, he didn’t deserve it. He was always strong, brave, kind and such a sad fate. It was hard for me to lose newt, his death the hardest and saddest moment in the book.

Brand. She and Tomas are a great couple, I’m very happy for them. Brand this is what he really needs, she is bright, loyal, strong, always ready to help, they fit each other.

As for the main characters, they often behave strangely. A lot of traitors – well, very much. Sometimes this even takes the fatigue. Deaths too many – the feeling that “must remain only one.” And a lot of action, because they say that this is a Thriller: the characters are selected from one danger only to fall into another.