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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci CodeDan brown broke into the world of the bestselling book “Angels and demons”, claiming to occupy a worthy place in the niche of the intellectual authors of detectives. Continued to “the da Vinci Code”. I don’t know what they decided to the public about the place, but as for me – it’s not. And the funny thing is that just the intellectual component at a sufficiently high level, although brown is trying to cram as much as possible their knowledge about the mysteries and secrets of history, of its alternative interpretations about the famous people and famous companies.

As a result, brown is not particularly steamed and uses a win-win pattern of adventure novels – adventure itself. He comes up with for their highly intelligent and “extraordinary” heroes quest. And this quest allows him to separate “quests” and puzzles to cram all that knowledge about what he planned to brag about. Here we have the Holy Grail and the knights Templar (where the same without him-something that has the Grail), and one of the versions of “decoding” the paintings of da Vinci, and the history of anagrams, and the old position of the zero Meridian, and the number PHI and the Fibonacci sequence, and the modern sect “Opus Dei” and the alternative history of Jesus Christ. Here is the latest, and formed the basis of the quest. In fact, the role of women and the substitution of the concept of original sin wrote many. And many noted that the situation in which women were, for centuries, they have just the Church.

The same Jacques Le Goff in his “History of the body” this point is given much attention. Brown goes further and tells the story of the Christ -man that was married and had offspring. On this version and we are building the main riddle and intrigue of the book. I must say that brown then leads a lot of interesting and somewhat controversial historical facts. But in their full authenticity, as urged in the beginning of the book, not really believe it. Because some moments brown clearly arranged under his story and his legend. For example, about the official destruction of the Templar order, where he says that Pope Clement took the papal throne and implemented his idea for the destruction of the powerful order.

It is in the book the confrontation between the Catholic Church and the Priory of Sion (like followers of the knights Templar). But he forgot to mention that Clement was enthroned during the Avignon papacy, and acted in the interests of Philip the fair, who contributed to his exaltation. And that the king of France, historians who have studied many documents remaining from the trial of the Templars in the early 14th century, is credited with a major role in the destruction of the order. Well it is, a small digression in order to explain why it should not unconditionally believe everything that writes brown. There are nuances. So, from all this magnificence of alternative history, mystery, legends and mysteries, brown comes up with the most interesting and fascinating quest. And it would be great if it didn’t all completely incompetent and delusional detective line.

Detective line hits right at the beginning, when the gallant captain Fache suddenly pressing charges. But with the guys there? The motive? Opportunity? To check an alibi? No, not heard. Call me suspect, will secure to the wall and Bang! lock him up. And even the shadow of a doubt. And yet murder is not one. Okay, forgive and conceded, thinking not so much of a crime for the author. But what started more… the Main characters (scientists, too) become almost a special agent for the passage of quests and escapes from the police, at the same time in the course of showing that the police fat Fig.