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The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre DumasWork «The Count of Monte Cristo» – the unfulfilled dream of Alexander Dumas. Having made just such a fearless ideal of the hero who has everything always under control, who knows the answers to all the questions, Dumas realized in him all their fears and complexes. Smooth in all respects Edmond Dantes, a demigod, a universal favorite, the lucky sailor, five minutes captain at 19 years, has a great fondness for the innocent girl willing to marry him, loves to tears old father and wise bosses, even no place to spit.

Of course, against this background, it is very well interspersed Danglars, Fernand, Cedrus – villains are drawn to it, envy and tend to spoil. Not omitting the fact that 14-year-old suffering, in which Dumas explains everything, but which the author has not touched – demonstrate the power of the spirit of the main character, his ability to science and the inability to go crazy. Although, seems to be proved by the fact that people, being alone for more than two years, undergo irreversible personality changes. In the case of Edmond Dantes this suggests that his brain was very tense mental activity, so the crazy people of this type is not threatened in principle.

The count of Monte Cristo appears to us already formed, and not having any financial problems, throughout the story he only does that spending huge amount. Dumas himself never learned in life (which is not true of his descendants) to manage finances, despite the fact that in certain periods rowed money. The count of Monte Cristo barely eat, because accustomed to this in 14 years of prison.

The count of Monte Cristo revenge all. Expose every action that deserves punishment. But not only avenge enemies, but also help friends, real friends and people who were waiting for his return all these long almost twenty years.

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