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The Caves of Steel (The Robot Series Book 1)

The Caves of Steel (The Robot Series Book 1)“The Caves of Steel” is a fiction and detective under one cover. The earth is overpopulated, people live in a closed steel towns, but instead of trying to solve their problems, many people only dream about past times when the planet was all natural cling to obsolete things, create an underground organization of Medievalists and raise protests of discontent against introduction of robots. And nearby, under a clear sky, Cosmo town live robots with the developed program for the salvation of mankind, but not able to bring it to life.

And here in this town committed the murder, to investigate which is entrusted to the police, and as a partner he imposed on the robot. As usual, Asimov considers the issue of safe coexistence of humans and robots. It would seem, is the most important First law of robotics, a subject which no robot can harm a human. However, not everyone believes in their safety, many simply don’t like the machines that displace them from jobs, and other unpleasant kind of robot… But, as has happened many times in works of fiction, the artificial intelligence is top of the table, and we, the readers, imbued with respect for him.

The future of mankind – overpopulation, resource depletion, life in giant steel prison. Nothing new, but from the description of life in these nests do not come off – about the same as from the contemplation of a car accident. Robotics, imposed more successful neighbours with the colonized planets, the sect of admirers of the “old” Earth, widespread conflicts. And then the police-the Earthman to a murder investigation in partners give advanced robot, with which he has to find a common language.