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The Captain’s Daughter by Alexander Pushkin

The Captain's Daughter by Alexander PushkinYoung man Peter Grinyov is sent to the service in the border Belogorskaya fortress, where he sends the father to that it was starting to become a man because “he is full of running at the maiden Yes to climb on the loft”. On the way there he meets a few people that will have on his future a very big impact and even turn it one hundred eighty degrees. In the fortress he falls in love with a pretty girl Maria Mironova and faces Aleksey Shvabrin, with whom he subsequently manifested a very strained relationship…

Shvabrin showed us the image of a petty, petty, vile creatures, ready to betray and throw everything for yourself. They are pathetic and they do not want to deal and have any case. For get a knife in the back and all… All our action takes place on the backdrop of the Pugachev’s rebellion. As usually happens, the war is a backdrop for love stories. But in this novel all intertwined so tightly that already every detail is important.

And one of the main actors is the real historical person. A very contradictory person, I must say. Strong personality, ready for the terrible acts and commit them. A man that can hang man and at the same time, to pardon. Pugachov remembers the welcome extended to him. And that, he impressed me. After all, not each a person can boast of this quality.

It was interesting to observe how changing our protagonist Grinev. Of boys and young men who wants to splash out and live it up, it transforms into an adult serious man who is in love and ready to make grown-up decisions for the sake of their dreams and love. In the end he is a completely different person! A real man with his sense of honor, truth, duty, valor, chivalry. the Story covers many types of that time: a glimpse of the noble estate, the village-fortress, in passing the Imperial Palace, the life in the besieged city…

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