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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

The Call of the WildJack London in his work plunges us into the atmosphere of 19th century Canada. The book «The Call of the Wild» – the story of how pampered, beloved pet dog instinct becomes a wolf. We are not just «another story about a dog.» A blatant, harsh truth of life.

The story of those who live by the “Law of Club and Fang”. On the North, strong men, about gold and about a dog named Buck. We become witnesses of the plight capricious, noble and strong-willed hero on four paws. Of course, knowing whose authorship of the book is not difficult to assume that the buck will be harsh, full of pain and unexpected twists. It may seem that the idea, at least today, banal and even cloying.

After all, what person would not empathize with the best friend of all people, cast off who trouble at the dog and he would cry from our warm chair and sipping tea with milk. But no, Jack London likes the reader and he is alien to blatant emotional speculation, because he will be with us just and fair, adding to our emotions in addition to tearful sympathy still quite contradictory mood, food for thought and many other things.

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