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The Book of Joe

The Book of JoeThe plot of the «The Book of Joe» is terribly beautiful and absolutely not beaten. There was Joe Hoffman, he had a strained relationship with his father and older brother. And the city it was almost nothing. A sort of gray quiet, which would be constantly bullied and beaten, if not friendship with the player of the school basketball team. Have boy was two best friend, and by the end of schools emerged girl, which he liked with the entire the force, which only can love teenagers. And here’s Joe left the clogged town of Bush falls and wrote a book. Novel about his life.

A novel where the bad quality of real people doubled and even tripled. The novel, which became a bestseller, the film adaptation of which starred DiCaprio *you really want to make a joke about Oscar*, after which he hated the entire Bush. Joe and lived well, not quite, rather bad. He had a lot of money, but no friends *except his literary agent*. He could not forget his first love, so quickly sated bed ties on one night.

And he diligently wrote the second book. But then one day his daughter-in-law called him and told him that Joe’s father was dying. I had to go back to Bush falls after 17 years. Oops… Hatred is not abated, but rather smitten with his arrival with a new force. He was really not happy. He was beaten, poured cocktails, spoiled his car. In General, mind your own business, man, home, yet no broken bones. The only one who is pleased with his arrival – the best childhood friend of Wayne, and nephew Jared. So then it all started to happen.

He remembered the bright moments of childhood, entire chapters are devoted to the school. The episodes were sometimes sad, but more often hilarious, exciting, related to something forbidden. These flashbacks invariably remind the reader of his adolescence. Tropper expertly describes the characters and their experiences. How hard it is to be an outcast, and even harder to be gay. It’s hard when your best friends fall in love with each other, when it seems like you’re too much. How scary it is to ask a girl out. And how fascinating the first relationship. How exciting the very first time. Relations with parents, too, surprisingly accurately been described author. Someone everything is fine, and someone rebels against bans, do not obey their ancestors, wants to go faster away from them.