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The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series

The Blood Gospel by James RollinsImagine that you went to an expensive restaurant. You make an order, and you are in anticipation of a delicious meal. And here comes the waiter, and puts in front of you a huge bowl in which a homogeneous mass mixed everything you ordered, and on top of it all seasoned with a huge spit.

Imagine their feelings, that’s about the same feelings arise after reading this “literary masterpiece”. With the work of Rollins, I know, and new year’s holidays I decided to indulge in light adventure Thriller, so to say relax mentally. Rested! Just an unforgettable vacation!!! It was necessary to mix everything in one book: vampires-priests, werewolves, Nazis, Communists, St. Peter, Rasputin, Alexei Romanov, Countess Bathory, Judas, the gospel written by Jesus in his own blood, the bear in the catacombs of St. Petersburg (it is a pity that without balaika), the propeller from the istribitel MiG-3 in the storerooms of the Hermitage, Hungarians-Slavs, “lavender smell of her hair” and “his muscular body” in one paragraph, and so on, next…..

No, Rollins ‘ books never shone with special erudition, it’s just good adventure fighters for rest, but this “masterpiece” can just blow your brain, any sane person! Save your nerves, don’t read this!