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The Antiquary – Complete by Walter Scott

The Antiquary - Complete by Walter Scott«The Antiquary» – another adventure novel by the famous English writer Walter Scott, telling a private story that occurred in the late eighteenth century in Scotland.

It’s a sad story, romance, have no relation to the story. Different historical developments before and after described and the novel, only mentioned. Therefore, this novel is considered by many readers the historical is not. Genre it can be called Gothic, widespread at this time (1816) in the UK. In it there are elements of supernatural horror, and a mysterious adventure, and family curses, ghosts, and mysticism.

The story worked well, the plot lines of several, and they are, at first glance, developing parallel to, yet intersect in one point, and the point of this – Mr. ” rejoined oldbuck,”.

In the late eighteenth century died down the British civil war of Catholics with the puritans, supporters of the Brunswick dynasty and the Stuarts, however, this is still very much alive and relevant in the pages of the novel… So, the Antiquary, devoted to the Hanoverian house, to sir Arthur Stuart. Despite the practicality of the good-natured Mr. Oldboy it is sometimes a fool, using his love for antiquity, for example, he buys land with the ramparts of a Roman fortified camp, is proving to be the ruins of the barn.

Written work, in the monotonous manner of Walter Scott. A solid introduction and a story about the tragic fate of an aristocratic family, a sense of false arrogance that led itself to practical degeneration. But, dear reader, the epilogue of the novel is satisfactory, not disappointing and not exceeding your expectations. At the time, he was a great success. However, today the modern reader will like it.

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