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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist«The Alchemist» – a book about the spiritual search and personal experiences of knowing the world, that is, about things ineffable and difficult to translated from the language of life the language of words. The experience of the Coelho’s hero, as well as the search of Marcel Proust, the way of Siddhartha-Hesse or the journey of the lyrical hero of “The Divine Comedy” priceless and worthless at the same time. He or suitable for the reader and can be used for their own search or not. «The Alchemist», in fact, serves as a stream from the myth of Narcissus.

However, it is possible that someone water this Creek seem too dull to seek out your reflection, but even in that case there is hope on their own imagination. The story begins in Spain. The shepherd Santiago (the name of the hero – a kind of echo of “Diary of the Magician”, the first Coelho’s novel) twice sees the same dream: “I herd his sheep in a meadow, and then there is the child wants to play with them… the Child was playing and play with the sheep, and then suddenly picked me up and moved to the Egyptian pyramids… and they said to me: “If you get here, will find the hidden treasure”. Dream, as is known, the realization of desire.

Santiago goes from Spain to Africa to see the pyramids of Egypt (a symbol of the greatness of the human spirit) and find the treasure (the treasure, the secret world). However, the journey, Santiago is not just a physical journey, moving from point A to point B, but a special kind of spiritual, inner journey of transformation. “Let the body is destroyed the soul will fly over the desert”. To go to the pyramids for Santiago means “follow Your Path”, that is to carry out its purpose, refusing to follow the conventional life goals: ideas of “success”, “fulfillment” and “material prosperity”.

The purpose in this case means not in a profession or trade (once Santiago against the will of the parents refused to be a priest and became a shepherd, but the shepherd in this case the method, not the goal), but the loyalty of “childhood overwhelm his thirst for knowledge of the world”. Deciding on such very difficult even if you have the desire and the occasion of the Auspicious Beginning. Future is uncertain and there is always something to lose. So good signs-omens often remain signs, and to turn the sign in the event it takes a very strong will and a fortunate case, for example, meeting with the king Melchisedek.