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Tell All

Tell AllChuck Palahniuk is the writer who so many young people of my generation much more than anyone else. This writer, which sped up the process of growing up. The man who his leg snapped period naive and timid puberty, many rosy-cheeked children. This guy not only taught everyone how to make soap (“Fight Club“), how to remove spots (“Survivor“), but taught the tricks of the sex in airplane toilets (“Choke“).

And here’s a novel read. You know, when I read the previous two novel Palahniuk (“Snuff” and “Pygmy“), there is a terrible dissonance between expectations and the final feelings. On the one hand, I really wanted to prove to myself after reading that the hand of the master still feels that everything is normal, that the word “member” is repeated often and a lot. But, at the same time, common sense was talking about the fact that Palahniuk scribbled that his experiments with the form of the work is unnecessary, that the word “member” is repeated too much and too often.

In the end, had to take a new Irvine Welsh, whose carefully alcohol with duct tape skills do not deteriorate and forget. Just forget it. Hell, you know what that means? To read a novel Palahniuk, and not savor it. Having to look up the ridiculous vulgarity or just a great philosophical phrases are then pronounced in intimate conversations or dates. Horrible. But, with a “Tell All”, all slightly different.

I say it’s a brilliant book. And I’ll say it a little later. If someone does not know, today is Chuck Palahniuk is an aging gay intellectual with a great taste, which, of course, still capable of evil, of nonconformist literature, but writes completely different. But, nevertheless, Palahniuk all of his latest novels is a normal development, his evolution as a writer; the man who constantly works with the genre.

Modern Palahniuk – this is the most counter-cultural art house that no one writes and, as a result, no one reads. But it’s a brilliant book. I promised I would. If a little more detail, “Tell All” is a continuation of the main creative lines of the author, who continues to experiment with narrative form. Sometimes, in fact, it seems that the plot is selected completely by chance and Palahniuk with the same success could not write about the Hollywood Bohemians of the 50s, and about freshwater fish.

Excellent stylized script, exaggerated encyclopedic, has already become a brand and a predictable final twist that is already in use, again, more as a recognizable stylistic element, not as a major story action. I’m not talking about which became the signature refrain of the same phrase, where we are without him. Full of harmony.

It is therefore logical that criticism, almost buried Chuck, again sing his praises, and his next novel is “Damned” has become a bestseller. He just began to write? I’m not sure. Palahniuk just like Thomas Alva Edison who had 5000 attempts that did not work, but 5000 attempts became closer to something that works. Wait until finally going to work. It still looks very symbolic due to the fact that now Palahniuk deals with the fact that re-publishes his first novel “Invisible Monsters” (with the new EXPERIMENTAL order of chapters and hardcover), which at the time was panned by critics and became the direct cause of a scandalous, filthy and brilliant “Fight Club”. I don’t think “Tell All” can be put on a par with these works, no.. But I’m sure that Chuck Palahniuk still has a story to tell.