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Tales of the Peculiar

Tales of the PeculiarOnce there was a girl and one day she went for the pen and eraser to the store and disappeared. Well, more accurately, returned with the owner, happened to be at hand. No, not by chance – it in the most conspicuous place, of course, put merchandisers (animals are strange). But back home, she climbed up on the couch under a blanket and eight hours of her life suddenly disappeared somewhere.

Always tales were written for adults. These tales are no exception. They are cute and scary, and instructive pictures. Importantly, they are with pictures! The theater begins with a hanger, and book design. Nice cover, moss green, where the Golden curls rose Bush. Yeah just a little patience, and instead of branches, suddenly there is a claw, the leaves off the branches and carried away by the swift-winged birds, fish splashing among the snakes. Open the book and you receive the ex libris. And then start small miracles, each of which is preceded by an engraving. And the paper is thick, slightly rough, rustling under my fingers. A pleasure when dealing with such a book.

So, I took the book “Tales of the Peculiar” surprised. I really had thought that this time I guessed right, the author rehabilitates itself in this collection. Sooner rejoiced. In addition to the tales in the collection do not what to pay attention to. And the first story is significantly faded as soon as I read the stories that was getting worse, more boring and even stupid. In General, they are anything but these stories abound in numerous empty and stupid dialogues that don’t add anything to the plot, but it perfectly fills the volume of the book. The first tale tells us about the two settlements of strange people: the first was nobly rich, but suffered from his cannibalism, and the second, poor, hardworking people had the ability to grow their limbs after losing them. And these two groups decide to help each other – the first will forget about hunger and the second is about the heavy exhausting labor. Where will such a symbiosis, you will learn from this tale.

It’s really fun, you can even say instructive. But the author clearly wasn’t thinking straight when he wrote it, in the book there is not one decent thing. And one such story is too small to put a positive assessment to the whole collection. The Rance Riggs is clearly not learning from its mistakes, and mindlessly speculating on when successfully played card. Although, perhaps, the book will appeal to those who love the whole trilogy, and who doesn’t hurt his eyes all the nonsense going on in the pages of books.