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Survivor: A Novel

Survivor A NovelIn the world of book «Survivor: A Novel» there is a sect in which there are dogmas that violate the not. Family matters is the eldest, the others raise Ah one mission – to sell for the administration to people from the outside world. The older child is always called Adam, and everyone else, regardless of the number, only give one name. Who cares if at the age of 17 he leaves the house. Before the children leave the community, they teach the rules of Economics, and before the release of naked pass the exam. Scary, I tell you.
One of these children from the first look got lucky.

He was in the field of view of a PR agent. From it wanted to make a sacrifice, it wanted to make money. Palahniuk is very clear and vividly described, as is the process of formation of new “stars” for the masses. Here’s what my Association with Voicecom, which, by the way, I have a positive attitude and respect his positive attitude to life. Thanks to the clear instructions, through public speaking, filming in TV he became popular. The main character of this novel also became popular, but…

The book is cruel, harsh and oppressive. And no happy ending. I will not say that I did not like it and say that you liked me too. Everyone can find something different, something to make use of the reading, but alas, I have not found.

The book tells about a deeply emotionally wounded, confused and lost in this world man. The man who was originally destined to a terrible fate at birth. About the innocent person who was just unlucky to be born and grow up to seventeen years in deadly sectarian society, where after seventeen being baptised and thrown out into a world where you have to die. About the terrible place where it is not valued for human or anybody else’s life…