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Summer of Night A Novel

Summer of Night A NovelThe ingredients in this books are excellent. Boys, summer, vacation, old, ancient school that holds a terrible secret. Adventure, mystery. Something! Cocktail of king, Lovecraft, Mccammon. The atmosphere is the most that neither is attractive.

Old school kicked the bucket and sent the kids on vacation. Crazy summer twelve-year-old boys, their adventures are similar to ugly children’s stories around the campfire in the camp. Someone dies, someone is always running from the assassination attempt, in a small town settled something. The mysticism associated with ancient history.

Somehow, this time, for me it didn’t work 100 percent, it did not happen your favourite book or even just five-star. Alas! For me it was torqued too much detail, at times very interesting, but sometimes boring. Not grabbed by the gills! But all the ingredients separately I liked very much. The story is so attracted to him, but at times indifferent.

We sympathize with the mythological Osiris – his story is tragic. He taught people farming and gardening, but his brother Seth killed him (and you, Seth? Not your brother’s Keeper?), chopped to bits. Yes, so chopped that the penis was never found when his mummified Anubis, had clay member of tinkering. Because Osiris and shapelineto is depicted as a mummy with green face.

Poor unfortunate Osiris, with his mummy, ISIS conceived Horus, the son began to reign in the world of the living, and my dad was revived and he decided to rule the world of the dead. Everything is logical, just and as usual with the gods of the underworld is tied to the changing seasons. Alas, in the 60s, the time of Osiris wanted the Kingdom of darkness everywhere, to start planning with US, the benefit found there minions, but no, young boys suddenly rebelled, found out the truth and even fought.