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Subterranean«Subterranean» is his first novel in the genre of adventure/Thriller, because also James Rollins quite a cult dreamer who writes books under the pseudonym James Clemens. It is sold in the world is a little worse than Dan brown, but Dan Simmons is already roughly on a par. And let in an art component is not Kafka, but in this respect I already spoke in a review to Dan brown mentioned above.

A group of scientists, consisting of a super cool woman with her constantly getting into trouble little son, shirt-guy suffering claustrophobia biologist and Egyptian terrorist (and that, because in Egypt, only terrorists and live) sent to study the unknown caves in Antarctica, where and ogrebaet not childishly.

Whether I’m on the century have reconsidered such a video, or what, but I knew every single plot twist and every line in advance. And it’s not that the idea was bad, moreover, it could be a brilliant play, but… The characters are not developed stereotypes of people, conversations, and even strike his “hackneyed”, but classics of the genre – hot kisses in the middle of the grinder, so it is generally not even know how to call.

It is possible that the author relied on the adaptation of his work. All this supposedly unexpected turns of events made me sad just smile, because the author again, I was not surprised by anything and read more, because I bought a paper book (and to quit reading e-books easier).

This is the case when an obvious lack of talent of the author (either laziness or the idea that all readers are morons and will swallow this obvious prefabricated) covers in General a good idea. It is in these books, having lost everything and under threat of death, people suddenly begin to engage in hot sex three times in a row, and the villain at the end be sure to patiently explain to you all the motives, like stretching the time before the arrival of the main Savior of the whole book.