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Sometimes a Great Notion

Sometimes a Great NotionNot just the product of volume, it is infinite. Even if you had previously read “cuckoo’s nest”, and watched both films, don’t forget about Tom Wolfe. Vast and comprehensive multi-layered human brain, who managed to create such a huge, solid and diverse work. And I even believe that he especially did not try.

In the case of Ken Kesey’s still much more difficult, but the junkie is easier than others, to be multiple people at the same time. The level of suffering in the novel is almost zero, therefore, the author intersperses such wonderful things as a fine understanding of people and bestial attitude to them just in case. Vivid images of people really seems to work, but they take so long to leave the reader indifferent, even hard to imagine how getting through this work the first researchers, if not for certain know what the prize is and what is the tube awaits them in the end. And although nowhere in the text did not specify Whether that is bringing the whole bag of weed, I’m still inclined to believe that he brought it with him and not raised in the nearby forest. Because everything, everything you need for your own life, you need to always carry.

The author is very long and meticulously sucking two mysterious time – relationships of Tamplierov and the strike of loggers. And I currently also have to behave like the elderly coquette, hiding in every way, these two very specific moment. Prolonged hallucinogenic “treading water” on the one hand intriguing and on the other annoying.