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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something Wicked This Way ComesA small American town, the 60-ies of the last century. Two boys on the threshold of his fourteenth birthday: Jim Nitched and Willie hallway. Neighbors and friends since childhood, were even born one after another within a few minutes. Despite the fact that they have much in common, they are very different. Willie is more calm, rational and happy with his life, and Jim now, even as a child, already running somewhere, even mentally, he is closely in town, cramped in the shoes of a boy, such a restless soul that is unlikely to find peace.

One autumn day in late October in their city comes a traveling carnival. Arrives in mystic hour, at three in the morning and his arrival caught only three residents, the others Wake up in the morning and glad to see only an opportunity to have fun. But those three, among them Jim Willie, I feel that it is not so simple. The carnival brought with it something dark, scary, mystical. The people working on it, keeping some terrible secrets, and their purpose unknown, but clearly ominous.

In the center of the carnival is the carousel, a regular children’s carousel with the animals on whose backs so like to ride the kids, but I would highly not recommend to use it, it is not so usual, or rather unusual. By day, she is always on the repair, but at night…at Night the one who dares to take her out, pay a terrible price. It’s no wonder they say be afraid of their desires!

All of our lives – the fall. Once born, we slowly fall towards the dark and cold. Through happiness, bewilderment spring, through a joyful and restful summer. Baby love and the first promises of eternal friendship, the wrinkles at the corners of her smiling eyes and warmth of the mother palm. We fall into autumn. Not colorful variegated leaves, and the joy of walking through the alleys of the Park in September. Chilly rain, dead defenseless naked trees, empty pressing Khmara gray November sky. We fall toward winter.

When life will exhale for the last time and close my eyes to never open ever. It’s very scary. So scary that I want to hide in a corner and quietly cry of horror, covered with a blanket and a quiet, broken voice ask that the autumn passed by, not today, not now, not me. But she is here, she is our fear. Fear of making mistakes, the fear and decide to fight, deafening heavy load of phobias and complexes, a host of vices and shortcomings.

And the greatest terror, ripping off all the covers of the soul and exposing her heart. Death. Our paths are predetermined, our deadlines are numbered, we are weighed and measured, we are doomed before birth. This fear is the reason and the outcome of the crash. He is bigger than me, I’m defenseless and alone, I quietly cry under the blanket. Probably only once experienced the fear of death, we can understand the master ray. Man, without fear looking in the face of inevitable, man, sincerely laughing in the face of the Reaper – more than a man. During autumn and aesthetics of the carnival ray hides important.

Only depends on you, what will be your life – by falling or flying. It is actually very simple, you just have to laugh. It is enough to live for those moments of happiness that was in the past and certainly will again. Because each of us have wings on our backs and drop our ridiculous – a stupid error, inspired by the ridiculous and absurd prejudice. Our life is so precious that it just doesn’t fit in the head.

Among the myriad of unborn disembodied ghosts wandering the shadows of great scientists, musicians and poets, the likes of which have never seen the world. Those who would surpass Leonardo and outshine Beethoven, remained unfulfilled probability. And we are, we live for them. We are given the chance to Shine, our apparent decline into eternity just a return to basics, because we all are born with it. Hatred, envy and anger there. And fear, too, there is only we. We only need to understand and then the old fears will immediately seem ridiculous and absurd.