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Sign of the Unicorn (The Chronicles of Amber #3)

Sign of the Unicorn (The Chronicles of Amber #3)The book “Sign of the Unicorn” in a great measure deprived of the drawbacks, so irritating readers in the book “The Guns of Avalon” has become more meaningful. Running around the reflection a lot less, sense more. Also, happy bias towards the detective. Now, Corvin has achieved the goal, but the joy of victory marred by new challenges. Again, we must look for the source of misery, guess who needs to destroy Amber, and most importantly, why?

This book reveals many secrets of the previous two. Korvin’d or remember much of what happened before the memory loss. In front of us already formed a more or less complete picture of what is happening. The answers generate even more questions. Finally, in the third book the many brothers and sisters of the Royal family gathered in full strength. Their characters are described in detail, but for me they were just characters. They lack liveliness and only Corwin is the response of the emotions.

In this book, at first, surprisingly a lot of talk, and then suddenly appear pianos. Very well things are going for Corvina, or Zelazny at the time and have not found any other way to tell the reader and Corwin the whole truth about the accident and the mess? Now the causes we can only guess. Well, the truth of something, we learned, but it was comforting to see finally all the family in the collection. Or almost everything because I’m still not sure what’s up with Blaise. But there was a Brand, and everything so touchingly reached out to help him… Well, almost everything. It is not surprising that Brenda wanted to silence: he’s a walking storehouse of knowledge, and it’s not just the ins and outs of backstage intrigues. In any case, the Brand revealed everything to Corwin, and along with us.