Shackleton’s Last Voyage by Frank Wild

Shackleton's Last Voyage by Frank WildThe aim of the second Imperial TRANS-Antarctic expedition of Shackleton, in addition to scientific studies, it was end-to-end crossing of Antarctica from the Weddell sea to the Ross sea via the South pole. The expedition consisted of two parties — the party of the Weddell sea (on the ship “endurance”), which was to land in the Gulf of Wachsel (phasel) and from there to begin a transcontinental journey, and the party of the Ross sea (on the ship “Aurora”), which was to organize a base on the island of Ross and lay warehouses with food and fuel on the shelf of Ross ice on the way back “pole party”.

5 Dec 1914 “endurance” under the command of Shackleton left South Georgia, the most southern Outpost of humanity on the way to the sixth continent in which there were several whaling stations such as Grytviken, a Norwegian, Stromness[en] and Husvik[en]. Despite the extremely difficult ice situation in this sector of Antarctica in the summer of 1915, Shackleton was able to walk more than 1,000 miles of virtually unexplored Weddell sea, before his ship was captured by the drifting ice and by February 19 stuck in them completely

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