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Second Foundation

Second FoundationAsimov did not know what he wants to bring his peace, for what feature should stay. The title of the book it is clear that Asimov has finally decided to reveal the topic of the Second Base, the same one where people live with mental abilities.

In their search Azimov will lead the reader to the curious conclusion that, except science fiction is not called. Asimov makes the assumption on boundedness of the Universe. There is no exact point of view on this matter. It is believed that the universe has no boundaries, that even in that moment she has continued to spread in the vast space. This phenomenon is extremely difficult for human observers, not accustomed to think in such large-scale proportions.

Expands not in the four planes, and in a great many directions, why does the universe and accept the unimaginable. Asimov follows the path of least resistance, so requires some detective component of his book, when he tries to bring the reader to the obvious answer to the question – where are all the same hiding the Second reason why no one can find it and whether it exists at all. An interesting mystery and a very simple it solution – it leads to internal rejection of the logic of Asimov, although where it can be easier.

Only it’s at odds with the original plans Seldon. Many years later it understands itself Asimov, but to rewrite the books not accepted – by many generations of readers will not make, no wonder they so much time into getting to know the vast history of Trantor.