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Sandstorm (Sigma Force)

Sandstorm (Sigma Force) by James RollinsAfrica has always fascinated, its unconsciousness, its Sands and mysteries. Africa is always interesting for readers! Vividly written, easy to read and I am glad that a lot of facts is accurate, this makes the book more informative.

And the combination of terrible cold in the Arctic and crazy heat in the desert gives the contrast that allows you to compare the beauty of the North and the heat of the Equator. Facts about elephants, in General, are striking – very smart animals that have something to learn.

I love books with riddles and in this book I was very pleased-a mysterious virus, archaebacteria, Tesla’s diaries, inscriptions on the mummy’s body and many more puzzles and the search for their solutions. Many historical facts and historical characters, discoveries are presented in the book in an accessible and understandable language. A little frustrating in these books-superheroes that can do everything, they have no obstacles, they do not take any bullets or disease, and of course – they will save the world! But it can be forgiven, someone has to save the world.