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RantThis novel is about a man named Buster Casey, which people call a Rant. His life is not like any a normal person’s life. Even as a child he was very different from the rest of their peers. Buster made people believe in the Tooth Fairy, staged a bloody holiday and have collected a whole van of human teeth. He participated in the race for survival, became the reason of mass infection of people with rabies, and even Buster knows what death is, after all, even as a child he saw die not one of his family.

What a Rant – just a difficult teenager with cockroaches in the head or the revolutionary, the purpose of which is more than ridiculous antics that cause people’s disgust? How many books of Palahniuk I’ve read, he manages each with something to surprise me, to create something new. This time was no exception. The novel is written in a rather unusual way – everything that we see is only the stories of residents about the Rant. The statements about him by his friends, enemies, neighbors, therapists, parents, etc. each of them will have their own opinion about this man.

As with many books of Palahniuk, the novel is filled with mud, lust, and lots of very specific biological and historical details. In the novel besides the drama also touches upon the genre as fiction. In fact, Palahniuk creates a world of dystopia, which is, however, very much like ours. Instead of drugs there are spades that connect to the head to significantly strengthen their senses, instead of night fights and the crime here race cars, the purpose is to RAM other cars, is the division of society into rich and poor, the division between Day and Night, law – abiding citizens and young people living at night, participating in car racing and dreams to change the world.

With each read the book Palahniuk understand more and more that described the world and the ideas he tries to convey, are the place to be in the real world. Modern man, living an ordinary gray life from time to time need some sort of jolt. And Palahniuk can get you in this good to help. In Fight club people were trying to change the world, but primarily themselves, beating each other half to death. In other works, they were locked in the theater or hide their identities.

In the book «Rant» characters trying to kill others with auto racing, which has its own rules. Who they are – rebellious youth, trying an unusual way to protest against society or the desperate people who flee from their past? «Rant» in your story raises quite a lot of pressing social issues and brings to the surface the truth that was buried somewhere in the depths. The novel also raises the question about love and teaches the simple and the good of truth, what is most important in the life of any person is family.