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PygmyPygmy – the protagonist of the novel grew up in the country of victorious totalitarianism, a kind of collective image, which was mixed in a bunch of Hitler’s Germany, sunk into oblivion, but still a nightmare of the average American, the USSR, modern China and many other countries have already long since time to set the greatest achievement of mankind is the American Democracy.

Under the guise of exchange student is a Pygmy and his comrades sneak into the States, where to wreak havoc and destruction. But only someone who will corrupt and destroy. Operation insemination of local females falls in the Bud, because in the nurse’s office between classes you can quickly make a mini abortion. Penetration in the secret laboratory, a mystery which is guarded by ultra-modern and super expensive remedies, it turns into a sneer, well, do not understand the comrades that the recipe for the new ice cream can be so strongly guarded, and even the brilliant (really!) destructive plan under the code name “Chaos” is doomed to failure, buried under a layer of American values. But what is the idea! To detonate a bomb…

With bundles of dollars, impregnated with poison, it is not just dirty money, it’s really scary is beautiful in its thoughtfulness! I do not tire of repeating that old Chuck is a genius, so fun – it is necessary to manage! Moreover, it should! It really is horseradish radish is not sweeter, duping citizens happens in any country under any regime, the only difference is the funds and therefore the funds other hand are subject to harsh condemnation.

Total control or total anarchy, which is not only beneficial while sitting in power, which is worse? Orwell with Big Brother or Huxley with uncontrolled sex and harmless drug? And does it make sense to choose? The ending for me first, slightly puzzled. What? Happy end? Chuck, man, you’re kidding right? Riding unicorns into the sunset, framed by vanilla syrup hearts? Is that you? And then I thought, not mocked whether the author again, only now on the readers?

Its happy end, if you think about it, natural as Souvenirs from the Statue of Liberty, on which in small letters is “madeinсhina”, well as natural as mega and now we have us national “kitchen” with hamburgers and Cola, as natural as stamping one by one of the American blockbusters. Plastic happy end, contentment which is as long as the feeling of fullness after a big Mac…