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Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon

Promise Not to TellPromise Not to Tell – one of the best works of the author Jennifer McMahon. Potato Girl – so called Del her peers. A strange and unkempt, she was an outcast among them. It is not surprising that after her death the stories began to go about her life as a Ghost, for the dead souls.

After all, the killer is never found. And after 30 years like the murder of girls happens again. And in that and in other case is the middle of Kate, an old friend of Del. She must find out what really happened then and continues now. A fascinating story! It has the gloom, mystery and dread. Reading just fully immersed in a world cloaked in cold and surrounded by the dark, dark forest, full of its terrible secrets and nooks and crannies.

The mystical component is very harmoniously woven into a detective story, and then at night it is terrible to read. Everyone was afraid to see glowing eyes and a vague bright figure. It is also interesting the way the author introduces us to the characters. Impression of a particular character at the beginning and the end may not be the same.

Negative characters can surprise us with their good actions, can justify them to our eyes. But positive characters we can learn the secrets and ugly things that characterize them with a very bad hand. And here we must always remember that it is not necessary to be afraid of ghosts. Is afraid of people.