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Prince of Chaos (Amber, Book 10)

Prince of Chaos (Amber, Book 10)The book can be mentally divided into two parts. And back again has become the standard feeling for books Zelazny – I hated and strained incredibly long and somewhat strange way of Merlin in the space between Chaos and Order, labyrinth and the Logrus. Long, horribly long, tedious, horribly long and mostly uninteresting. Yes, flashes of interest, of course was meeting with the Yurt, Dvorkin, Corwin. But the strange sacrifices along the way, an incredibly lengthy description of this journey – again the story dragged on. I began to keep an eye on the number of read and the remaining pages, sadly realizing that it’s only the middle of the book.

And then – whoom, as always, the events rushed with incredible speed. Before my eyes the true picture of the struggle of the Labyrinth and the Logrus, involved in the Merlin, again the game entered relatives from both sides – the interest revived and returned! Very colorful and beautifully described the struggle between these two forces and Dvorkin for me has finally ceased to be just a decrepit, feeble old man, and brought interesting and active mage.

Standard come the end of the book – really interesting and intriguing place. In General, nothing surprising. But at the same time, I understand that she went to the end of history and want to read even faster. At the same time to stretch the end of her time – well, just don’t want to leave Merlin, which in my opinion, though some are not independent, but much better than many of its relatives. And somehow by itself the question arises – what is better actually – the court of Chaos, or the court of amber. This confrontation is a bit like fighting the forces of law offenders. And I, as life often happens, yet failed to take a clear position, and sometimes they are wrong and you don’t know which side to choose.

Not surprisingly, the bushes had to hide so many pianos that he did. And yet it is a pity that you don’t have to know that going with Zelazny for their heroes. Sometimes the continuation of the dream me in a dream, I read, I try to remember but forget in the morning, of course.