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Prayers to Broken Stones

Prayers to Broken Stones“Prayers to Broken Stone” collection, consisting of 12 stories and one script.
“The river Styx flows” a story about what makes people the death of a loved one and what comes out of this. The story was scary, despite the fact that there is practically nothing terrible happens: here is a family who lost their wife and mother, here is the resurrected “the mummy”. Something like “pet cemetery” – but mom’s absolutely harmless, imagine walking, watering flowers. Nevertheless, the father becomes an inveterate drunkard, and the eldest son commits suicide. In this story, the author perfectly conveys the tension of the family, their fears and unfulfilled hopes.

“Those eyes that in the dream, scared to meet the” very moving, very lyrical. And again the theme of death, again the loss of his beloved wife. But only the main character returned to his wife differently. The story left an aftertaste of sadness.

“Vanni’s Fucci is alive and well and sends his regards from hell,” a satirical story, revealing the relationship of Simmons to the television preachers, and the people watching television shows like preachers, money, always spinning in this area.

“Metastasis” and “Sacrifice” is essentially the same, except that one – story and the other scenario. Some interesting works about cancer vampires. Their description, by the way, really creepy. “Electronic ticket in Vietnamand” seemed to me a cynical story, reading it was unpleasant, but “Cemeteries Iverson” pretty pleased.

Another story about vampires is called “Shave and a haircut for just two bites”. Great start, the ending of anything. I think the topic of vampires for Simmons, in principle, not close.

“The death of the centaur” tells about the relationship between teacher and little student, just adoring his mentor. A great story, “the story” (pardon the tautology), is especially valuable because it is possible to meet with an old friend the Shrike Toonboom world “Hyperion”.

“Joy of fall” – the famous story, which became the base of the novel. Does not need comments, fans Simmons probably has already read this novel.