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PollyannaThis book teaches. Teaches life, kindness, understanding and compassion. Kind and naive, the book about ordinary miracles that make each of us. That life is too short and should not waste it on resentment, nagging, far-fetched challenges. And this is so vital. Despite the ease and seemingly a children’s story, the book is in fact deeply philosophical, filling the view on life questions to yourself.

There are things, from which emanates positive energy, and there are books with very nice and bright energy. It’s not Feng Shui, it is a life observation. It’s weird, really weird, to play a joy. But now so little joy and so little reason for joy that I want to play such a game. It’s so simple, and it is not difficult to enjoy, even if very, very bad. You can be happy already at least that you live in this world that you can meditate, read, write and think. And this method can make a difference and affect people’s lives.

The book is about the fact that sometimes kids can understand more than adults, the sane people allowing their pride, vanity, and others not very good qualities to take up and avoid repeatedly mistakes.

Few believe that life is amazing in itself and a reason for joy if you want you can find in any event, if only to look good. That Pollyanna can do it like no other. You will be taught. I doubt that a little girl can teach you a very important and useful? And you listen to what she says and understand all at once.

It’s kind of the ABC of a happy life for all – from the young and frivolous, whose grief is only in the failure of their parents moods, to large and disillusioned with the life of women.

If not for some changes in the characters of several characters, feel free to have assigned to the book tag “romance” because all the other signs are there, including a rather cardboard characters and extras. Polzvezdy threw because the story was written exactly one hundred years ago (she occasionally asked other readers to ponizhatelnyj and took into account the time of creation of the work). It is believe that at the time the book Eleanor porter made a strong impression. But you do not understand the present its enduring popularity, including and have absolutely adult and even reasonable readers.