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Phases of Gravity

Phases of GravityPhases of gravity” is a midlife crisis former astronaut who begins to really live only after good kick. Naked realism with concomitant domestic. Any bit of philosophizing would sweeten the pill, but it is not in sight, only cheap religiosity. Of guys have a bad relationship with his family, unloved work, lack of goals is what brought it on himself. Of course, he rises to his feet, on the move adding to the end of each Chapter the word “gravity” to give your household experiences a metaphysical sense, but to sympathize with him do not want to.

This book will be a lot of different places, Richard Baedeker, a former astronaut, walked on the moon, will you take us in your journey in finding the right questions and multiple answers, we’ll visit the moon together with him, we will be with him in India, eating together, half of America and will stop at Bear mountain together to understand and comprehend many things – past, present, future. Many people, many stories, memories and thoughts – the search itself is woven out of a million the slightest change, leading to global.

Dan Simmons did not resort to the standard set – an aging alcoholic who lost everything and trying to change. No, Richard Baedeker not a former alcoholic or a drug addict or rowdy, he is an ordinary person, disillusioned with the world and society, trying to understand what will happen with our planet, what will happen to him, that he seeks and cannot find. As you can see, no fiction there at all. But how well written! To tears sometimes touching, sometimes funny, sometimes very serious, but throughout the book, very powerful.