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Perfect (Flawed #2) by Cecelia Ahern

PerfectCecelia Ahern – the quite famous personality in the literary world. His love novels writer famous throughout the world. Last year the author has shocked all his fans with the news that she is preparing for publication a novel in a completely new genre of «young-adult». In fact, can not be called a «young-adult» genre – we mean that literature with such a mark is intended for teenagers.

The book «Flawed» is a dystopia for teenagers, and the book «Perfect» – the continuation and conclusion of the novels. If you haven’t read the first part, then You can check out my review on the book «Flawed» and decide for yourself whether to read it.

The event takes place two weeks after the incident in the first part. Now the main character, Celestine North, is the country’s only man convicted and branded immediately in all respects the laws of the Tribunal, and even more. The girl, once deeply committed to the system, was on the other side of the fence. Now she is an outcast among “normal” society – outcast and a leper. But not enough for the Tribunal to crush the life of Celestine, she is now enemy number one and for the society and for the whole system.

She is forced to escape from custody, and judge Cremona, the father of her lover and the man who will do anything to the truth about what happened in the hall of Branding, came out… my Celestine the strength to resist the Almighty? Will she be able to change the world order your country? What will happen to the girl?