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Pentagram (Harry Hole #5) by Jo Nesbo

PentagramCan there’s a raging alcoholic to be a good detective? Whether his alcohol-saturated brain to compete with a sober and calculating mind of a criminal? Can such a police to unravel the tangle of crimes, when he became entangled in his own life? A categorical “no” suggests itself. But Harry Hole would not be Harry Hole, if agreed. Murders in pairs of their own stale for him the first time.

Scandinavian writer Jo Nesbø once again puts his hero at the bottom of life to the thorny path, through suffering and doubt in the end to elevate him to Olympus. So much for the big cities, his fifth novel about the Hall is called «Pentagram» is a five — pointed star, the symbol well known in the occult. But do not rush to tune into the mystical lad, Jo Nesbø not the writer, who is on the verge of the fictional and the real, and the series does not provide similar games. We are still in windy chilly Oslo and are not dealing with Satanists calling on the devil to warm the North pole, and with a maniac. A serial killer acting according to a certain scheme. A maniac who observe their own rituals.

It all starts with a young cute single girls — Camilla Loing. Her body with a black hole in his forehead find neighbors. The weapon — a pistol — here in the bin. From features immediately catches the eye of a severed index finger. A little later the police will find something else. A small solid tumor on the upper eyelid will not be a tumor. There the killer hid red diamond-cut star. Next victim — Lisbeth Barli, a local actress. In broad daylight the girl in a bathing suit and went out to the store for potato salad and never came back.

Later, the police chief will receive in the envelope with her middle finger, adorned with a ring with a precious stone in the form of the same five-pointed star. But the girl remains unfound. From time to time. And if until now nobody in the Department did not say out loud the terrible word “maniac”, the third corpse left no doubt. Barbara, 28 years old, shot in the head in the female toilet, in a private working office. And again, no finger. And again star, this time in the earring.

Unfortunately, all this happens in the holiday period. Detectives went to their homes and resorts. In the presence of only an alcoholic Hole and his opposite, the ubiquitous Tom Waller. The fates of the cat and dog have to work together. And the result can wait no longer. There are the first clues, daring ideas, and that Metropolitan Newspapers are in full blow about the mad bike messenger. And Harry using the map, ruler and a pencil makes another discovery.

Crime scenes to create a precise figure, all the same damn pentagram. So the COP becomes the known coordinates of another murder, and along with the address of the protagonist of maniac. But the Airport wouldn’t be the Airport if everything is so trivial resolved. Police are jubilant, but the inside Hole does not share the universal joy. Something’s not right here.