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One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest«One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest» is one of the most popular novels. And Randle McMurphy is my favorite in the book. And maybe it sounds too pretentious, but he is a true hero. This book can be reread again and again, while you don’t get tired, and even, on the contrary, with each new reading will like it more and more. And every time, the novel will open in a new way. And I’m sure in the future I will reread it many more times.

In a psychiatric hospital enters Randle Patrick McMurphy. But he doesn’t look like regular patients who are in this room. He is always laughing (about what a laugh the people at the hospital had long forgotten), trying to stir the patients opens his eyes to many things, mocks the medical staff, change the rules, does not obey orders and, most importantly, in nothing puts the big nurse, Miss Ratched, which leads everyone in the hospital and that all around I’m afraid until the doctor himself. The elder sister is not used to such behavior, and therefore, all the forces trying to prevent this rebellion. And here from the earliest days between them occurs competition. Who will be the winner?

One of those moments when the book you really like, and you so much want to talk about it, so many thoughts in my head, I don’t know where to start. But I will try to write everything clearly, not to get confusion.

The book is about how can I go against society. Or the one who is stronger will crush you and kill you in a living person? On this subject I have read the novel “1984”. The theme I liked, but everything is written horribly tedious. In the same novel I like not only her message, but also how the author gives us all the events happening in the book. Though, perhaps, the writing is not the most refined language, but in this simple manner of narration is the highlight of the book. It contains a lot of sense, and the fate of the heroes think not only while reading, but after you turn the last page.

At first, the novel might be read not exactly easy, but as soon as McMurphy, everything changes. He illuminates his appearance not only the hospital but also the whole novel. And once acquainted with him, I think: “What will invent this arrogant Irishman to annoy Miss Ratched”. At his jokes it is impossible not to laugh, and the ending makes you feel sad and empathize with the main character. I think in this battle no matter what, the winner was McMurphy.

McMurphy is a Prime example of what not to be afraid to be yourself, need to speak loudly about what I want, and do just what you like without fear that you will get in trouble for this from some “older sister”. You need to laugh out loud in the face of its problems, not to whine about the fact that everything is not right or that something can’t happen, etc. you Need to at least try to do something, dammit! And although his long tongue could be expensive to pay, but, as he says McMurphy, “worth it”.

Those who read the book may not agree with me about the fact that Randle acted properly in the situation in which: “Like, if he was quiet, did not climb in their Affairs, and this whole thing with him and not happened”. But where is the guarantee that if he is polite to Miss Ratched, the whole story would have gone the other way? I think, and then this old bitch would have found something to complain about, and he came out a different person, some bad fake himself. Her McMurphy was crazy just because of the fact that he was not like the others. And if you’re not like everyone else, then something is wrong.

Throughout the novel McMurphy makes big and strong not only for patients but for readers. It makes you feel better, helps to believe in themselves, to look at life with new eyes and enjoy it.

But what is McMurphy’s motive? He benefits from it? On the contrary, he can to put yourself in the best light. The protagonist himself never hides his true motives. If at first it is pushing avarice and the simple desire to annoy my sister, then we see that he begins to truly worry about his new friends and wants to fix their situation for the better. And the final act McMurphy proves that he is a man with a big heart.

Another striking character of the novel – native American Bromden, from his face and goes the narrative, and it is through his eyes we look at everything that happens in the novel. Despite its two feet tall, he’s a little man who is afraid of his own shadow, and therefore pretends to be deaf. But he, after meeting with McMurphy, like many other patients, changing. He is also blinded by his spirit. And the way he eventually did to McMurphy, I think, deserves respect. We can say that he has extended a helping hand. Thanked him that way.

Other patients are also very colorful characters. Hidden behind each of them a unique personality, but they’ve been down a person that forgot what it’s like to be a great man. Reading the novel, I never considered them crazy, to me they seemed quite normal people. All the novel’s characters seem so real that you can believe that such people as Chief (which is a lot he sees and knows, but is silent), Harding and Billy (people are afraid to stand up for themselves, are unable to assert their rights) could be among us. And, of course, we have McMurphy – a man who doesn’t want to play it according to whose rules. He taught many of his friends to confront cruelty and injustice.

Miss Ratched’s kind of a bitch! And wanted to strangle her. As to her hatred towards patients. How she rejoices, when they fail, and they go into your inner world. And all this is hidden behind a fake cold smile. She thinks that nothing will break and it will be all over the winner. Either you play by her rules or she will destroy you. The patients were so intimidated or enchanted by the false kindness of Miss Ratched, that not many noticed her mischief.

A book with a very deep meaning, which makes us think about many things, but most importantly, about who we really are? We are who we are? Or also pretend to keep up with society? I’m sure after you read the book, you will never forget the plot of the novel, and he will long remain in your thoughts, hearts. An impressive novel. Masterpiece in one word! From the novel impossible to put down even for a minute. Read in one breath. Truly a powerful thing! One of those books that you just have to read.