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On, Off: A Novel by Colleen McCullough

On, Off A Novel by Colleen McCulloughColleen McCullough decided to step over the limit in the traditional descriptions of the manic tendencies of the human individual and has demonstrated the most heinous of their appearance combined with the amazing technical abilities of the medical profession. But even this was not enough for her. Then, imagine, she wasn’t a serial killer, but two working together, and perfect! Not scary? Go ahead. Victims – children, girls at 16 years old, secondary school students, straight a student, clever, beauty, prude – in General, the pride of humanity.

All from wealthy families, all the wonderful parents, all will have a good future. Waited. Now their heads are filled with transparent plastic, embellish the shelf “massacre”. The search for the killers being truly meticulous. One problem – the Ghost (so initially dubbed geek) leaves no residue. The police have to wait for the next and explore the remains of the corpses to get at least some sort of clue. People were running off their legs, collapsing from exhaustion, but continue to dig the ground in search of a maniac. Perfectly describes the work of investigators. This part of the book to read it was even more interesting. Of course, if we exclude the details of the methods of violence and murder.

The presence of lyrical McCullough in the book gives the love line. It is here and is almost a half of the story. A COP falls in love with one of the suspects. Honestly, and this component came not to my liking. It was strange to combine the romance with dismemberment. It’s like sex on the grave. Although it is clear that the desire and need of human warmth is particularly acute in such black moments of life. But here the author shows a very attractive move. First darling of the police appears to be completely ugly light, and then the lighting changes and we see a very worthy companion for the gallant Lieutenant.