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Nothing by Chance

Nothing by ChanceThe story of the journey of American Air Circus in the company of a skydiver and loyal friend of Paul’s, which is accompanied by meetings with new people and old friends, interesting and exciting. A sense of lightness and of flight is maintained throughout the story!

Dick loves what he does, believes it is a necessary part of his life, if not throughout life. Noticed that in the description of single flights without STU or passengers on Board always uses the word “we” not “I”, thereby identifying a biplane with a living creature, independent person, who is his first friend, which once again highlights his love of flying and everything connected with it. At the beginning of the story I liked the technique used by the writer when at the same time describing the dynamic action of the flight – fight Sex monoplane and biplane dick, the author captures the thoughts that at that time come to him.

I have a picture emerges as from the film, the combination of a certain kind of benefiting and voice overs! Many of the points made to smile, for example, the episode about the ant method of navigation, the mouse that ate the cheese offered her dick a single dick t-shirts as rags in the hands of STU. All the characters mentioned in the book, different and different from each other, with their destinies, but collectively they give the impression of a whole, something good.

The author writes several times about patriotism. I think that’s partly the sense of a certain dignity and pride for their country and people he was able to give birth in the hearts of readers. At least his sense of patriotism was passed on to me. And most importantly, the thirst for life, free from cliches, strict adherence to its own internal impulses, regardless of the society and established order in it, once charged and induce an interesting thought, move on interesting, eventful life, which means the rejection of the conventions, optimistic, overcoming obstacles, meeting different people, travelling. Good book!