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NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

NOS4A2 by Joe HillCharlie Manx is Peter Pan opposite. He also has his own Neverland where he with genuine childish joy takes resentful older boys and girls in a big black car with the number NOS4A2 and gives them eternal childhood, everyday Christmas and genuine innocence.

That’s just how he says good girl, Maggie Lee, “innocence is not something praised it. Innocent kids who pulls the wings off a fly, because do not understand. That’s what the innocence”. And if the kid sitting down in the back seat of a vintage rolls-Royce, I can still smell my mother’s hands, to cry with your children’s grief and rejoice in the warm sunlight, the child stepping onto the snow covered ground of the Country of Christmas, mom won’t remember to cry not able to determine, and to enjoy the sun and even more.

Kids Country Christmas cold and cruel to the most innocent cruelty that enables them to laugh, to rip the heads off of random passers-by and decorate a Christmas tree, simply because this game was fun and without any rules. Where is the Country of Christmas? Where Wood Hut Mind Iggy Perrish, Circus clown Pennywise, the gateway to the Middle world and other Inscape are the products of imagination, fictional worlds, who became flesh and blood. No knives, revealing the seams of reality, can not find them.

The police walking on the trail of a maniac, kidnapping the children, did not have the slightest idea of what he is looking for. And only some have the gift and has special items, you can travel imaginary roads. They are open and highway 60, and highway St. nick — they, in General, and came up with these roads.


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