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North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

North and South by Elizabeth GaskellElizabeth Gaskell’s novel «North and South» pushes two opposites, the charming South, where all is quiet and calm appears in the person of Margaret Hale, a vicar’s daughter and the heavy, harsh, Sever in the face of a major industrialist John Thornton. It would seem that there can be such different people, which at first sight be unpleasant to each other, of course nothing. But as we all know, opposites attract, and this book only confirms already known facts.

But in addition to love stories, the book also seems to be the life of the ordinary working people of the XIX century, who work day and night for a pittance they don’t even manage to feed themselves and the children even say nothing. The situation in which people live is horrendous, around debris, smoke, dust, poverty, children go hungry, people die of disease, the workers organize strikes. In General, the author not only develops a love relationship, but also touches the deep social problems that England at that time played a big role.

Margaret Hale is a gentle, refined lady with a character that could easily fit in a secular society of London and in the simple life of a small Helston. She will accept any decision of his family and proudly will carry it to the end. Even in the dark, buried in the smoke of the city, she finds a best friend that care. Margaret is friendly, she can show compassion and to help, she did not lose heart, when hope for a better future was not unlike his family. She is a strong woman who carries a burden of responsibility with dignity. If she wasn’t so arrogant and proud of her happiness, which she eventually gets, could be much earlier. This is the only negative I found in this girl and I think so Margaret was trying to protect himself and his family.

John Thornton – an amazing man, with a heavy destiny. He endured all the trials that he had in life, he came from an impoverished background has taken a high place in society thanks to his hard work and personal qualities, one is the event already causes delight. And I do not think we blame it on the fact that it’s dark, strict and cruel. In fact, in the spirit of this man lies the love, devotion and warmth. He is a very caring and loyal friend, loving son, and just a wonderful person.

The atmosphere in the book is also very interesting. First, it is loud, dynamic, restless London with his charms, then a quiet Helston with beautiful nature and comfort. Then dirty and dull Milton, where there are some factories, poor people and endless problems of the working class and owners.

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