Nine Princes in Amber: Book One (The Chronicles of Amber 1) ebook epub/mobi/fb2/pdf download for Kindle, Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC, e-Reader. Author: Roger Zelazny

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Nine Princes in Amber: Book One (The Chronicles of Amber 1)

Nine Princes in Amber Book OneThe universe is a wonderful, well thought out and unusual. The throne of amber which conducted a fierce battle of brothers and sisters, traveling through the shadows of the universe, where the real is mixed with the impossible antics and intrigue, armed raids and unexpected salvation. It has everything that can captivate the reader that needs to have a quality fantasy novel. “Nine Princes in Amber” – introductory and introductory book that introduces us to the characters and the Kingdom, the magic and legacy of the princes.

Beginning something is too confusing, we as the main character of the book suffering from amnesia, piled too much information which is difficult to digest. I was confused in the names, in these endless brothers, I do not understand was magic powers, strange worlds and the shadows. I really wanted some specifics, explanations, but do not have time to look back, and you have stormed the amber. Already almost at the end I got used to it, timid steps began to join in what is happening and dive into the world of the Amber Kingdom.

The characters themselves are interesting, but some are too ridiculous and grotesque. Eric if we have a bad boy and a villain, he will bitch until the very end, hiding behind the high, blasted, and Corwin we have a desperate man, then immediately rushes on the rampage, testing your luck. Very funny to watch these childish intrigues and opposition of the princes. They have no logic, plan, and reasoning.

The plot is simple — a struggle for power in the fictional Kingdom. All know how this story turn out stunning fantasy cycles. But, unfortunately, the author failed to make this story interesting. The book seems to be a chronology of events, when you write the date and brief event that occurred. The whole book we get dry information without emotion, descriptions and other things.